Ballarat mum turns wedding dresses into angel gowns
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THE heartache of burying your baby, is a pain no parent should ever have to bear. For Heather Bladier, it’s an unimaginable sorrow she was faced with twice in her life.

‘I’m an angel mum as they call it, because I’ve lost two babies,” Ms Bladier said. “It’s a pain that never leaves you...even after all these years, I’ve never forgotten.”

Ms Bladier gave birth two stillborn babies during the 1970s.

“It was a terrible time to have a stillborn because they would just wrap the baby up and take it away from you,” Ms Bladier. “I never got to see my babies..hold them in my arms or give them the burial they deserved. There was no funeral, there was nothing. They thought that was best for the mum and it wasn’t.”

Spurred on by a desire to give grieving parents dignity and choice when they feel like their world is crumbling around them, Ms Bladier joined Angel Gowns Australia earlier this year.

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