Angel Gowns Australia was founded on the 27th March 2014 by Fiona Kirk who adopted the idea from a similar organisation in America. Interest grew very quickly and the organisation soon developed its own identity and unique ideas, with a dedicated small team of volunteers forming the inaugural board in May 2014. The organisation soon became the first Angel Gown making Charity registered in Australia in June 2014.

The first Angel Gown garment sewn was gifted to Isabelle Rose who sadly lost her little life to infantile leukaemia at just 10 months of age. Angel Gowns Australia currently supplies to over 170 hospitals and funeral homes throughout Australia and has sadly donated an unimaginable number of Angel Gown garments since 2014.

Tulle from generously donated dresses which isn’t suitable for Angel Gown garments is crafted into tutus skirts and dress ups. Through our Tutu Program these are gifted to hospitals, charities and directly to families to brighten the day of children who have a serious illness or disability.

Angel Gowns Australia continues to be led and driven by a team of passionate volunteers who believe in the power of love, compassion, and community and hopes to bring comfort to families touched by the death, illness or disability of a baby or child.



To provide Angel Gown garments that have been lovingly transformed from donated wedding dresses for families when they are faced with the unimaginable loss of their baby or child.


That every Hospital and Funeral home in Australia will be gifting our Angel Gown garments to any family in need.

To gift an Angel Gown garment to every baby or child when they have passed away, so families have one memorable moment of peace and beauty as they dress their baby before they say goodbye for the very last time.


  • Love, Compassion, and Community
  • Healing - The healing ability of giving and sharing.
  • Support - By speaking about the importance of “Breaking the Silence” and that it is “ok” to talk about when your baby or child has passed away.
  • Growth - For the knowledge of our organisation and services we provide to grow in the future, and to work with other organisations around Australia.
  • Honour - To ensure families know they are not alone and that their baby or child is loved and cared for by many people throughout Australia and the world.