Just a quick note to Thankyou for existing. This last Monday, we welcomed and farewelled our tiny little boy Tim. He was born at 17 weeks gestation.

Thanks to you all we were able to hold him, kiss him, farewell him and cremate him in such a beautiful manner. We were gifted two angel wraps, one in the emergency department, which we cremated him in and one up on the ward which we were able to keep and treasure forever. From the bottom of our hearts we Thankyou for everything. Without you and your hard work, our son wouldn't have been able to be so beautifully farewelled. It was amazing to be able to unwrap him then wrap him again so delicately in such beautifully made work. Each time I held him and did his ribbon up I thought about the beautiful person who had made this for him. We are truly blessed that an organisation such as yourselves exist and that there are people who have spent so much time and passion making the gowns and wraps. Once again, Thankyou. Thankyou for existing and Thankyou for the wonderful people who made our wraps, we are eternally grateful. I hope that one day I can help, through donations or such. For now we will grieve but one day we hope to help parents in our situation. Please know that forever, you have impacted us. Our sons ashes and memories hold a special place at Angel Gowns xoxo i cannot Thankyou enough for helping such a difficult time be so beautiful xoxo