Volunteer with us

How to Volunteer for Angel Gowns Australia

Thankyou for your interest in helping us. We are currently focussed on transforming the many thousands of dresses received from generous donors and are only able to accept new dress donations at advertised times. There are many roles available within our organisation which include administration helper, Committee member, dress deconstructor, events volunteer, seamstress or tutu maker. Please use our online application form to find out more or email us at apply@angelgownsaustralia.org.au

We are always looking for volunteers to organise fund raising events, seamstresses are gratefully valued and donating sewing supplies.

Other ways you can help

We are a Registered Charity/Not-for-Profit Organisation and run solely by Volunteers therefore relying heavily on our community for financial support. We will always need these items below and will appreciate any supplies you send us.

  • Sponsor an Angel Gown package in memory of a baby angel
  • Sponsor a Tutu package for a special child
  • Donate regularly through periodic payments to us
  • Make a one-time donation or make a bequest
  • Purchase memorial merchandise from our Online Shop
  • Donate 3 kg or 5 kg pre-paid mailing satchels
  • Attend our annual fundraising event or support our online auctions
  • Follow and support us at our online media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Share our online posts to spread the word and “break the silence” about a baby and infant loss

If you are able to help with any of the above or have any recommendations, please email us at enquiry@angelgownsaustralia.org.au or use our online application form.


To provide Angel Gown garments that have been lovingly transformed from donated wedding dresses for families when they are faced with the unimaginable loss of their baby or child.


That every Hospital and Funeral home in Australia will be gifting our Angel Gown garments to any family in need.

To gift an Angel Gown garment to every baby or child when they have passed away, so families have one memorable moment of peace and beauty as they dress their baby before they say goodbye for the very last time.


  • Love, Compassion, and Community
  • Healing - The healing ability of giving and sharing.
  • Support - By speaking about the importance of “Breaking the Silence” and that it is “ok” to talk about when your baby or child has passed away.
  • Growth - For the knowledge of our organisation and services we provide to grow in the future, and to work with other organisations around Australia.
  • Honour - To ensure families know they are not alone and that their baby or child is loved and cared for by many people throughout Australia and the world.