Our Mission, Vision and Values

Angel Gowns Australia Incorporated is a nationally registered Charity and is a 100% volunteer based organisation. We hope to touch the hearts of all Australians, especially those who have experienced the unimaginable death, illness or disability of their baby or child.

We value the healing ability of giving and sharing; of love, compassion and community. We strive to provide the best support by offering a safe place for families and volunteers who want to share their story or to express grief through art and craft.

We aim to help educate the community, including our children, so they can educate their children, helping them to know that it is ok to talk about pregnancy and infant loss, childhood illness and disability.

We recognize the importance of, “Breaking the Silence”, knowing what to say and when to listen.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss.  Angel Gown Program

It is often difficult for people to understand when a baby dies, no matter how early or late in gestation, that the life of that baby has already been celebrated as a Mother and a Father, and then celebrated with family and friends, imprinted into our hearts and souls. When losing this tiny life there is so much grief and heartache, the same grief and heartache of any parent, of any family when a life is lost.

From thousands of wedding dresses donated by selfless brides we lovingly handcraft tiny Angel Gown garments.

Each Angel Gown garment is made with so much love to honour the life of a baby taken far too soon. We hope to give each family just one moment of peace and beauty as they dress their baby before they have to say goodbye for the very last time.

Illness & Disability.  Tutu Program

When a child is diagnosed with an illness or disability, their parents and families are faced with a considerable sense of loss and heartache, encountering many challenges that accompany what may be life-limiting changes they were not prepared for. Parents are often confronted with an alternative reality to the one they may have dreamed and hoped for, for their child and their family.

Our Tutu Program strives to show these wonderful children and their families that we, as a community, care about them and understand their sometimes heartbreaking challenges. Through this program we aim to put some sunshine into their lives and provide a distraction and escape, even if it is for just one moment.

All our Programs today and in the future

Our organisation has grown to where it is today through incredible community support and efforts from a growing team of volunteers and members. We understand the need for bereavement and support services such as our Angel Gown Program and our Tutu Program, along with several other programs we hope to introduce over the coming years.

We believe in the healing ability of a supportive community and therefore aim to increase the awareness of the needs of families when faced with loss and heartache, to ensure families know they are not alone and that their baby or child is loved and cared for by many people throughout Australia and the world.